Thursday, February 14, 2013

F#8-- First Kiss

So, my local NPR station did a one-hour show on first kisses today.  As I am still off from work due to poorly-plowed roads, I got to listen to it live.  It got me thinking about first kisses.  And not just the first time a person gets lip-to-lip, non-familial action.  There are so many other important first kisses too.

My first kiss was when I was...ten, let's say.  I had a boyfriend for several years in middle school, thankyouverymuch.  Anyway, the details are now a bit fuzzy, but I remember being at his house, possibly in his bedroom watching TV.  My mom was downstairs, ready to pick me up.  He turned me around as I was walking out the door and kissed me.  This was an awkward kiss because, as one might imagine, there was a bit of a height difference.  I don't remember being wowed, or disappointed, but I was vaguely glad that bit of nonsense was out of the way.

Before my current significant other, I dated another person for five years.  I cannot tell you what our first kiss was like, which I suppose speaks volumes about our relationship.

My first kiss with my significant other, however, is one for the record books.  Mostly because I ended up with a bloody lip.  See, we met performing at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire, which involves not just acting, but also interactive theater and harassing the patrons who have paid good money to come in. (I'll post about the Faire another day.)  Our first kiss was actually on school day, after my character (the Mayor) had asked some teenage girls what the best way was to attract a man's attention.  This led to a running kiss, complete with knocking teeth...and my split lip.  Occasionally, we still knock teeth because one of us (usually me) is not 100% paying attention.  Mostly, I get The Look and an eye roll and we try again. 

I do not believe bad first kisses doom a relationship.  My best friend's first kiss with her now-husband was, by the estimations of both parties, pretty bad.  He often says that he almost went back and did it again.  But if he had, I wouldn't have had that delightful anecdote for their wedding toast, so I'm glad he didn't.  

A little poll, then, if you are so inclined--tell me about a first kiss.  Either THE first kiss, or maybe just the first kiss with your significant other.  I'm curious about the correlation between quality kisses and long-lasting, functional relationships.

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  1. My first kiss was in elementary school. She was acting in the school play and I was the geeky kid who thought she was the most annoying person in the world.

    She apparently thought I was amusing and liked riling me up. One day - at recess (of course), she was giving me a hard time. I don't remember what was said, only that I was really, really mad at her. She laughed at me, kissed me on the lips very, very fast and ran off laughing like mad.

    After that, we were friends until I moved out of San Antonio. She told me that because she kissed me, I had to be her friend.

    Since then, every 'first kiss' I've had which hasn't ended up with the girl laughing has always made me think something went terribly wrong.

    The girl I'm with now giggled for almost fifteen minutes after our first kiss. A good omen, if I do say so myself.

    Either that, or I'm really bad at first kisses.