Tuesday, December 10, 2013

F#20: Four Days

In the grand scheme of things, these last ten months have flown by.  And in four days, I will be a Mrs.  My old-married-couple friends tell me nothing much changes, especially if you have been living in sin, as we have.  Still, my signature will have a few extra letters, and I will officially have a step-son.  

There is not a great deal left to do.  Unfortunately, the tasks I do have to complete are unnecessarily last minute.  This, I suppose, is the karma for me not freaking out about most of the wedding planning experience.  The Universe is saying "Look, here are some last-minute guest issues you need to resolve."  Awesome.  Thanks Universe.

I know, in the end, what matters is that The Fiance becomes The Husband.  If people flake about showing up, I guess that means extra food and cupcakes for the rest of us.

I know everyone who plans a wedding jokes about eloping.  If I'd known my grandparents couldn't come, I may have done some sort of destination event and just told people where and when it would be.  Still, as the snow falls outside, I know it will be beautiful on Saturday.  It will be cold, but that's what I get for a December wedding in New England.

Now, who wants to take bets on how far into the reception before we get the baby question?  Double or nothing if you guess the correct relative/friend to ask. ;)