Friday, February 1, 2013


To begin and to clarify--I am not really "fat."  No doctor has ever told me I needed to lose weight.  But, as an American woman, I have a mildly skewed body image.  (One of the alternate titles for this blog was "I'm Not Fat with my Clothes on".)

And I know what I have to do to make myself look closer to the way I want to look--I need to exercise more and eat less.  Like most people, I go through phases where I'm really good, and then other phases where I'll eat a whole bag of Cool Ranch Doritos (not the snack size), followed by some Ben & Jerry's, and then roll myself up the stairs to bed. (Rolling up the stairs counts as exercise, right?)

I'm working against a couple of things I haven't figured out how to get over--
    1. I like to work out in the morning, but I get up at 5:30AM for work.  I am not getting up at 4:30 in the morning to work out.  It is just not happening.
    2. Mostly, I cook for one.  The Significant Other works second shift, and gets fed at work, so I am left to my own devices five out of seven (non-consecutive) days.  Yes, I know I could cook once and eat many times but..well, that's pretty freakin' boring!

In a way to get around this, I scour Pinterest to try and find quick workout routines that I can do while watching Netflix and HuluPlus.  (Remembering to do those routines instead of just sitting on the couch and blogging about them...totally different story).  I do take a ballet class once a week (the subject of an upcoming, schadenfreude kind of post), as well as yoga with my sister-in-law.  I don't like to workout alone, unless I'm on a treadmill, because then I can read a book or watch TV and zone out.  (Logistically, there's not really a place for the treadmill in The Condo of Awesomeness, but the S.O. and I are discussing it).  But, I'm also cheap, and I don't want to spend money on classes either.

And then there's food.  Also wine (also a post for a later date).  But, most days of the week, the food.  I like food...pretty much all food.  I eat my fruits and veggies, but I also really like all things carbohydrate, salty or sweet.  I'm also in this weird place where I am trying to eat more naturally more of the time (again, another post for another time), so I avoid the "diet" foods because...well, they taste gross.  To correct this, I downloaded the MyNetDiary calorie counter app, and I cook off of when I am going to try to cook.  But it's so much easier to just go to Panera and have them hand me something warm and cheesy.  (Or Taco Bell...or the local Chinese restaurant...)

Which all adds up to the fact that I'm putting on weight again.  I joined Weight Watchers a year and a half ago, and it worked for awhile, but all the counting and tedious.  I still haven't found the thing that works for me.

Unless someone wants to remove all the food from my house and just find me at specified times throughout the day, hand me a meal and say, "Here you go.  See you in four hours."  I would totally pay for that service.

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  1. It's good that you're even wanting to change and making good choices like eating natural foods.

    You could hire a personal chef...

    or get this ballet bar workout thingy....